Hello from Ahmed Merchev and BLISSTOOL manufacturer, Bulgaria

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Hello from Ahmed Merchev and BLISSTOOL manufacturer, Bulgaria

Postby BLISSTOOL » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:25 am

Hello from Ahmed Merchev and BLISSTOOL manufacturer, Bulgaria


My name is Ahmed Merchev and I am president, sole owner and chief developer of BLISSTOOL.

All BLISSTOOL detectors are developed and manufactured by us in Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is a very beautiful ancient country that definitely has something to interest you. We are hospitable and friendly people, so if you decide to visit us will definitely be fascinated.

In designing the BLISSTOOL detectors, we strive to provide detectors with high versatility (all terrain) and extreme depth of detection. Our main distinctive feature is that we offer a type of induction balance detectors, capable of working and to discriminate in highly mineralized areas, where other detectors are not working or facing serious difficulties. Currently, our newest and best detector is BLISSTOOL LTC64X v3. Additional information is available on our official website:
http://blisstool.com/index.php?option=c ... 96&lang=en

Through this World BLISSTOOL forum we hope to be more useful to all our customers.

With a username BLISSTOOL, here, I personally and/or the other members of the BLISSTOOL team, Bulgaria, will answer your questions and welcome your feedback.

You can contact us directly via email info@blisstool.com or by phone +359883450667.

With best wishes,

Ahmed Merchev
(President, sole owner and chief developer of BLISSTOOL)






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