What I need to know about the LiPo battery and the LiPo charger of my BLISSTOOL metal detector?

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What I need to know about the LiPo battery and the LiPo charger of my BLISSTOOL metal detector?

Postby BLISSTOOL » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:14 pm

What I need to know about the LiPo battery and the LiPo charger of my BLISSTOOL metal detector?

- Please review the detailed information available on this subject in the user guide of your BLISSTOOL metal detector. Here also additional useful information:

"Ahmed has recommended that the two light version is really only used for DC charging and that the AC part of it is only used occasionally or in an emergency from the mains, that worries me."

- Please note that this is not true, it seems to have become some confusion, or someone misled you. In our quest to offer the best, in different period of time, BLISSTOOL LTC64X metal detectors are combined with different (like electronics but with same function) LiPo battery chargers in the packages for the end customers, and any further chargers is better than the previous one. So far we have used four models LiPo battery chargers. Some are more expensive as electronics, other cheaper. Common between them is that they are all thoroughly tested and selected by us to ensure seamless charging of the LiPo battery of the BLISSTOOL LTC64X metal detector. We scrap the chargers with defects or even small deviations in the output variables. The same goes for the LiPo battery. They are also subject to much tighter control of us. All this is done in order to ensure trouble-free operation for a minimum 3-5 years. So no matter what is the exact model of the charger, you can rest assured that it'll work just fine, if we as a manufacturer of the detector, have complete the detector with it. From a purely technical grounds, more favorable and reliable for everyday use is the charger with main AC input, but this is only a recommendation, not an obligation. That's why we now offer standard basically it. The charger with DC input, soon we will offer only as part from the car charger. In practice, for the end-user is irrelevant to what battery charger it has if it do its job qualitatively.

About BlissBitsUK - I am happy that this service is going to help the BLISSTOOL users. This is something we always appreciate and support. BlissBitsUK was empowered by BLISSTOOL UK, to sell BLISSTOOL accessories. To date, BlissBitsUK does not sell any such, but sell accessories for BLISSTOOL metal detectors produced by other manufacturers and under other brands. Certainly in the future this may change if BlissBitsUK asking for something in front of us and if we approve any of its proposals. For now, no formal proposals submitted. At this stage BlissBitsUK surrounds us and not coordinate with us, but this is not a problem for us if this do not damage the BLISSTOOL brand and if this is a help for the BLISSTOOL consumers. Please note that we recognize the enthusiasm and good intentions of Tony on BlissBitsUK, despite the mistakes, which are not fatal, and can be adjusted if there is desire.

Please note that the battery and the charger are not included in the factory warranty of our BLISSTOOL metal detector. We see them as consumables, and you can do whatever you want with them. However, as an important part of the proper operation of the BLISSTOOL detector, we take special care in their selection and quality assurance, as already mentioned. In this regard, please note that the LiPo batteries, the LiPo chargers and the accessories for them (charger leads, battery checkers, offered now by BlissBitsUK, with similar or even the same quality, are not purchased by us and are not tested by us. So the responsibility for quality is BlissBitsUK, not BLISSTOOL. You can use them or others at your own risk. Please be careful. The use of faulty batteries and chargers can damage your BLISSTOOL metal detector, to lowered its performance, cause a fire or other havoc. I believe that BlissBitsUK in the face of Tony will take the necessary precaution to ensure quality products.

The external LiPo battery checkers, only if they are connected correctly to your BLISSTOOL metal detector (through the CHARGE connector and the standard cable adapter which we added to the standard LiPo battery charger of your BLISSTOOL metal detector) are safe and useful. They in future are planned to be provided and from us.

Please also note that the removal of the factory seals from the electronics box of your BLISSTOOL metal detector, invalidates its factory warranty. Therefore, the battery can be changed only at authorized BLISSTOOL Service and Repair centers. These are, or will be built in Bulgaria, USA, UK and elsewhere. Accurate information and assistance will be provided by the distributor from which you purchased your BLISSTOOL metal detector.

Standard, BLISSTOOL LTC64X is equipped with a LiPo battery which is characterized by high quality, low weight and long life. The LiPo batteries has about 800 cycles of charge-discharge (battery life), after which its capacitance drops sharply and must be replaced with a new. The built-in rechargeable LiPo battery, does not need any further maintenance besides being charged. The charging continues from 5 minutes to 2-4 hours, depending on the level of discharge of the LiPo battery. Single charge operating time: up to 30 - 35 working hours for BLISSTOOL LTC64X.

Please never leave your LiPo battery in extremely dilute (low, discharged) state as this will damage it. Charge your LiPo battery at the most after every 18-25 hours of use with a metal detector. You can charge your LiPo battery every time, no matter how low.

If you for a long time not use your BLISSTOOL metal detector, make sure that before "winterizing", you charge the LiPo battery and provide the battery charging at least once a month. If the LiPo battery stand for more than 2-3 months discharged, especially if left discharged, it will damage it.

I hope this information is helpful to you. I wish you all many happy and memorable moments with your BLISSTOOL metal detector.

Best Regards,

Ahmed Merchev and BLISSTOOL team, Bulgaria

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