Hello from the UK

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Hello from the UK

Postby haves » Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:31 am

Hi, I'm Haves and I use a variety of detectors in the UK. I was an electronics engineer by career and started detecting in 1970 when coins and artifacts were everywhere you looked, even my home made beat frequency machine found mountains of coins and other desirable items such as gold rings and silver, but alas those days are gone. In the last 40 years a large proportion of common land, beaches and easily accessed farmland has had the attention of the detectors. Digs often get advertised as new un-detected land but having been in this from the beginning I know this is rarely the case. Even a poor early detector will have removed the larger easy to find silver groats, cartwheel pennies etc. from the first 4 inches of soil. Despite ploughing which does replenish farmland to make good finds these days you need patience, a sound technique a tactical approach, and a good detector. While depth of detection is certainly not everything most of the easily found stuff has been removed and a machine with excellent depth and good discrimination will give you the best chance of success in any situation.

Since buying the Blisstool 64xv3 second hand for £340 from a guy who couldn't use it my other £1200+ detectors have been sold or reduced to back up machines, this includes a Minelab Etrac which I thought was the best until I found the Blisstool. On one website I was barred permanently for running a comparison blog where I used the Etrac in the morning and the Blisstool in the afternoon to directly compare them on each dig. Comparisons seem to upset people, mainly those who have never actually used the Blisstool and have no idea how it works, anyway I will not pursue this here.

The Blisstool has consistently proved to be effective on all the areas I search and most recently I discovered an early Celtic Iceni gold stater on a local field that was regarded as clean after two locals had been searching the land for years. While the club did not mention this fact I found out when one of the guys with permanent permission was very miffed and wanted to know the exact spot. The gold stater was 12 inches deep and on its side. This is typical of the bliss, finding deep undiscovered items right behind other detectorists or on previously detected land.

Personally I think the machine is brilliant, but I am familiar with using my head. While the display screens and numbers game, high and low tones is good for beginners many find the Blisstool confusing and difficult to handle because they feel the need to work by numbers. You could compare this to an artist who uses paint by numbers pre-coded picture blanks to a real artist being asked to paint a portrait on blank canvas! It's not hard to use, you just have to learn how to use it properly, when you do you realise what you have been missing, literally! :lol:


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Re: Hello from the UK

Postby Scooter » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:36 pm

Hello Haves, nice post I can't wait till I get as familiar with mine as you.
Scott - USA

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