What warranty have BLISSTOOL metal detectors?

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What warranty have BLISSTOOL metal detectors?

Postby BLISSTOOL » Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:44 am

What warranty have BLISSTOOL metal detectors?

- All BLISSTOOL metal detectors have a 3 Year Worldwide Warranty for the quality of the produced components and in case of any factory flaws.

If open the electronic block and/or breach the integrity of the seals placed on the lid of the electronic block, the warranty is not valid.

To be a subject of a repair under warranty, the metal detector should be delivered to any of our authorized service support offices. The customer must pay all delivery and transport expenses.

In order to protect the metal detector from a damage, it is desirable its transportation to carry out in its original purchase box (included in the standard package), since it is optimized for a safe storage and transport.

The serial number and the purchase date, written on the warranty card, verify the warranty.

The warranty remains valid even if the metal detector changes its owner. On BLISSTOOL warranty card we do not record the name of the owner, so if the electronic block is not opened by an unauthorized person, the warranty is valid, no matter who is the current owner of the metal detector.

If an invalid warranty, if necessary, we also provide full cooperation and support. In this case, the repair will be at your expense.

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